Saturday, 29 October 2011

Routine Jazz - Fest

RB011 Routine Jazz
Size: M / Tag: Anvil / Material: 100% Cotton / Color: Pale Green
Condition: Baik
Status: Available
RM 25

Monday, 24 October 2011

50 Cent - Get Rich or Die Tryin

Curtis James Jackson III (born July 6, 1975), better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an American rapper, entrepreneur, investor, record producer, and actor. He rose to fame with the release of his albums Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003). Get Rich or Die Tryin' has been certified eight times platinum by the RIAA.G-Unit is an American hip hop group originating from New York City formed by 50 Cent. G-Unit emerged on the New York scene by independently releasing several mix tapes. The name of the group is short for Guerrilla Unit.

RB010 50 Cent "Get Rich or Die Tryin" US tour with G-Unit
Size: L / Tag US.T'S / Material: 100% Cotton / Color: Black
Condition: A
Status: Available
RM 35

Dragon Ball Z (SOLD)

RB009 Dragonballz
Size: M / Tag: Dragonballz Made in USA / Material: 100% Cotton / Color: Blue+green
Condition: A
Status: SOLD
Price - 



With the ending of Dragon Ball, Toei Animation quickly released a second anime series, Dragon Ball Z (ドラゴンボールZ(ゼット) Doragon Bōru Zetto, commonly abbreviated as DBZ). Picking up where the first left off, Dragon Ball Z is adapted from the final twenty-six volumes of the manga series, it premiered in Japan on Fuji Television on April 26, 1989, taking over its predecessor's time slot, and ran for 291 episodes until its conclusion on January 31, 1996.

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Warcraft - World of Warcraft

RB008 World of Warcraft Trading Card Game
Size: L / Tag: Delta Made in Honduras / Material: 100% Cotton / Color: Grey
Condition: A
Description: Kain tebal jugak.
Status: Available
RM 55


The World of Warcraft Trading Card Game (WoW TCG) is a collectible card game based on Blizzard Entertainment's MMORPG, World of Warcraft. The game was announced by Upper Deck Entertainment on August 18, 2005, and released on October 25, 2006. Players can fight against each other one-on-one, or can join others in order to defeat raid bosses such as Onyxia, Ragnaros, Magtheridon, the Betrayer (Illidan), Kel'Thuzad, or the Lich King. In March 2010 Upper Deck Entertainment lost the Licence from Blizzard Entertainment.On March 24, 2010 Cryptozoic Entertainment announced the acquisition of the game's license and that planned sets will be released.

Punk Chips - Fest

Punk Chips one of punk fest in Japan.

RB007 Punk Chips
Size: M / Tag: Anvil Assembled in Honduras / Material 100% Cotton
Condition: A
Description: Baik. Kain nipis.
Status: Available
RM 35

Hawaii - North Shore

Item: Hawaii North Shore
Size: M / Tag: Anvil / Assembled El Salvador / Material: 100% Cotton
Condition: A+
Description: Sangat  baik, putih melepak.
Status: Available
Price: RM 35

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Metallica - Metal Up Your Ass ©1987 (SOLD)

Item: Metallica ©1987 "Metal up your ass"
Size : XL / Tag : Metallica (under license to brockum)
Condition : Ok. kain lembut dah sezen, printing halus gile.
Status : SOLD
RM -

Metallica is an American heavy metal band from Los Angeles, California. Year formed 1981 until now.

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nuctemeron - A time the world forgot

Item: Nuctemeron "A time the world forgot"
Size: XL / Tag: Fruit of the loom / Material: 50% Cotton 50% Poly
Design: Front & Back
Condition: A
Description: Baik, kain lembut. Blakang print design mmg faded. bukan sebab baju dah lame.
Status: Available
Price: RM 55

Nuctemeron is a doom/death metal band from Arizona US. Formed in 1992 but split up on 1995. Their only full length album called "A time the world forgot" relased on 1994 under Wild Rags Rec.

Movie - Star Wars Episode 1

Item: Movie - Star Wars Episode 1
Size: L / Tag: Starwars Copyright Lucasfilm Ltd &TM / Material: 100% Cotton
Design: Front only
Condition: B
Description: Printing halus giler, cuma ade lubang kecik kat bwh lengan, kalau pakai tak nampak dah.
Status: Available
Price: RM35
Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace is a 1999 American epic space opera film written and directed by George Lucas. It is the fourth film to be released in the Star Wars saga, as the first of a three-part prequel to the original Star Wars trilogy, as well as the first film in the saga in terms of story chronology.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Brahman - Arrival Japan Tour 1999

Item: Brahman "Arrival 99 Japan Tour"
Size: XL / Tag: Anvil / /Material: 100% Cotton
Design: Front & Back
Condition: A
Status : Available
Price: RM 85

Brahman is an hardcore punk band formed in 1995 in Ibaraki, Japan. Still kickin and active!

Saturday, 15 October 2011

Terma & syarat / Terms & conditions

1. Items information - Sila tanya dulu sebelum buat bayaran kerana baju yg dijual mungkin sudah terjual dgn cepat. Semua baju yg dijual adalah baju terpakai. Sape cepat dia dapat, bole booking maksimum 3 hari aje. / Please ask first before made any payment because some item will be hot like hell. All rampage stuffs are original and used item. Some item color may be vary from real one due to lighting factor during pic snapped especially the black color. All price are negotiable but based on first come first serve. Booking will be consider, max 3 days.
Item condition:
(A+) Mantap, tip top, mcm baru (tapi bukan baru ok). / Like new.
(A) Kain masih ok. Takde koyak,lubang atau kesan cat. Warna baju aje lusuh sikit. / No holes, no stains or torn, just color may faded.
(B) Kain masih ok. Cuma ada lubang kecik atau ada kesan cat atau tiada tag atau bukan tag asal. / Just small holes or stains or missing tag or not original tag.

2. Price & Postage information - Semua harga masih bole di runding lagi. Jgn risau semua harga baju termasuk kos penghantaran! Kami akan hantar guna pos laju, nombor tracking akan diberitahu sepantas kilat apabila baju anda di pos. /All price are include postage cost (termasuk harga pos!!!) only for peninsular malaysia. For Sabah & Sarawak add RM5 additional. All item will be sent via Pos laju only. Tracking number will be sent instantly to you via hp or email once the item send out.

3. Dealing - Pembayaran melalui maybank sahaja. Sebarang pembayaran tidak bole di batalkan, item akan dihantar setelah pembayaran penuh dibuat. Kami tidak menerima sebarang penebusan atau pemulangan baju yg telah dibeli. Sebarang rungutan dan ketidakpuashatian serta alasan tahap kondisi baju tidak akan di layan. /All dealing via hp or email (hp lagi bagus). Payment via Maybank only. Item will be sent upon full payment only. No cancellation upon paid. All stuff are being carefully check before being send to you so we dont accept refund/return on good received.

4. Contact - Sesiapa yg berminat bole la kontek di nombor hp saya. Hazli. 012-6866347 /